Rob Burnett Images | About

Welcome to my website. I enjoy life as a professional commercial photographer based in Launceston Tasmania. Over my time as a working photographer I have been fortunate enough to have been commissioned by a diverse range of amazing clients throughout Australia.
Professional photography has been an integral part of my life for over thirty five years now and each working day is still an adventure.. something different, something new.
From small beginnings in my darkroom a few decades ago swishing around in chemicals and pegging up black and white prints to dry, my approach to the craft has always been simple "nothing less than professional quality and the best that I can possibly provide to the client".

These days of course digital capture has changed the landscape of photography and the way we all operate in so many ways.
In recent times robburnettimages has become more diverse with video production and "remotely piloted aircraft" ( or Drone ) services being also provided.

If we can help you with these services for your business or organisation, I would love to hear from you.


Rob Burnett M.Photog